Real Painting with Deep Dream

Real Painting with Deep Dream

Recently, one of my artistic muses has been Deep Dream. The Deep Dream generator is a project by google wherein you can use their advanced AI to “paint” images in the style of another images. For example, I have had it “paint” other images in my style of painting, and I have also had my paintings “painted” in other artists style.

For this project, I used the deep dream generator to combine an image of a building and used the generator to “paint” that building in the style of one of my paintings.

Here are the two images that I combined:

This is a structural photo I found on the free use photo website

I think set up the deep dream algorithm to “paint” that image in my style, I gave it this image as a style reference.

This is a finished original acrylic painting by me called “Sacred Cells”.

The resulting image was this:

I felt REALLY inspired by this image. I’m pretty good at painting, but I’m not that great at drawing. One of the amazing things about having Deep Dream paint images in my style is how it can render such clean shapes and lines out of abstract splatter. It would be pretty hard to do that in real life. But did that stop me from trying? No. No it did not.

I painted this deep dream image in real life, resulting in an all new original painting

I really enjoy the textures and layers of the finished piece, and I really love the color changing vibrancy of the metallic interference paint that I used, it’s really hard to capture that on camera! I am definitely finding it challenging to figure out how to show off the metallic, pearlescent and color-changing aspects of my paintings digitally or through prints.