Optik Zen


Optik Zen Art Lounge

The Optik Zen Art Lounge is a light up art installation that contains many high-pigment psychedelic and op-art paintings for your viewing pleasure. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, and we are actively seeking more events to bring it to! All of the paintings in this installation are original paintings by Kurt “Mouse” Weyland.

We provide an installation that can scale to fit within any space, and contains at least a dozen original psychedelic modern art paintings that have been painted with high pigment paint so that they are extra reactive to color changing lights.
We also provide a wall-sized screen and projector so that we can bring stimulating visuals to any environment.
Tired of showing up to raves, parties and festivals and staring at blank walls? Call the one stop deco shop!

What can Optik Zen Art Lounge bring?

– 12+ Pieces of Original light-reactive psychedelic paintings, mounted and lit with a custom RGB lighting arrangement (included)
  – 3+ Hours of projection art, which can be customized to your theme with advanced notice.
  – One wall sized screen that visuals can be projected upon – easily attached and removed from venue walls.
  – High Definition bright projector for brilliant video projections.
  – Roaming Flow Artists/Performers (for large events and festivals)
Many dance parties and festivals have a bar, and we want to create a visually pleasing lounge area that isn’t centered around alcohol. The Lounge serves as a secondary space where people can connect more closely, or simply sit and stare at paintings as they morph and change in the light. Mouse’s paintings were created with high pigment paints with the intention of having them change colors in the rainbow lights. The portals and ray bursts move and come to life.



Custom High Defintion Visuals

Optik Zen provides video art in the form of AI modified videos. We primarily use DeepDream Generator, EBSynth and Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects to modify existing videos and create stunning modified video art that can be creepy, cute, pretty, psychedelic, anything you can dream! Below is a recent example a custom AI modified visual we generated for a “Cats in Space” themed party. We created a long playlist of modified videos in this theme and projected it on a large screen for the duration of their party.