Optik Zen



Kurt “Mouse” Weyland is a visionary artist who’s been painting with purpose since 2012. Drawing inspiration from the mind-bending styles of psychedelic greats like Victor Vasarely, MC Escher, and Bridget Riley, Mouse specializes in impossible objects, toying with shapes, colors, and the very essence of perception itself.

His creations often center around optical illusions, utilizing perceptual drift to twist and turn the audience’s perspective. Why? Mouse believes we’re all too often caught in the humdrum of everyday life. He hopes his art serves as a whimsical escape, a moment where minds are tickled by the improbable, offering a dash of unexpected Zen before people continue on their journey.

But painting isn’t Mouse’s sole canvas of expression. For two decades, he’s been a maestro in the world of fire spinning and flow artistry. From Devil Stix and Diabolo mastery to dazzling displays with double staves and poi, Kurt’s performances ignite parties and events with an exhilarating energy. His flair for fire breathing adds an extra spark, leaving audiences awestruck.

Kurt “Mouse” Weyland isn’t just an artist; he’s a conductor of curiosity, from mesmerizing illusions to setting the night ablaze with fiery feats. Dive into his world, where the impossible becomes an inviting reality and where every flicker of flame or stroke of paint is an invitation to experience the extraordinary.